Leading Nebraska Real Estate Companies Home Real Estate & Woods Bros Realty Launch New Websites

HomeRealEstate  Woods Bros RE

Home Real Estate and Woods Bros Realty, both headquartered in Lincoln and owned by HomeServices of America, have debuted new websites with new features.

The companies partnered with Reliance Network to develop the websites.

Reliance specializes in technology for the real estate industry and recently released a new real estate search that caters to the ever-growing percentage of mobile users. WoodsBros.com andHomeRealEstate.com will be the first websites to launch this new search.

The new websites have a home value tool allowing people to enter an address and get three different computer-modeled valuations of their homes, including the Zillow Zestimate value. They also have the ability to enter adjustments for renovations and upgrades or contact a local real estate agent for a more accurate estimate.

The companies also partnered with LiveBy, a Lincoln-based startup, to introduce a beta tool to help match people with their ideal neighborhoods.

LiveBy won the JumpStart Challenge issued by Home and Woods Bros in 2015 and also took part in the NMotion Accelerator program in 2015. It will be expanding the beta test into several markets across the country.

The sites launched the first week of April. You can view them at www.HomeRealEstate.com or www.WoodsBros.com.



What Is My Home Worth? Free Home Value Report.

What Is My Home Worth? Free Home Value Report.

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