Reliance Network and 3T CONSULTING Announce Partnership

Reliance Network selects 3T CONSULTING as the only approved and dedicated training system for their national platform.

Portland, Ore. – April, 2016 – Reliance Network, in working with its newly formed partner 3T CONSULTING, has announced a joint training program designed specifically for Reliance Network clients.

“With upcoming enhancements and new products being introduced, we knew it was time to increase our support and training reach to and for our clients” said Sean McRae, CEO. “Partnering with David Teefy and his company 3T CONSULTING is a perfect fit. Reliance Network has worked with “Teefy” since 2002 as an employee, client, and now partner. His in-depth knowledge of the Reliance Network products and system is a unique opportunity for us and our clients to benefit through his powerful and unique training and coaching programs.”

April marks the roll out of new training products for Reliance Network clients. 3T CONSULTING will offer the following powerful programs to benefit the knowledge, use and understanding of the Reliance Network platform, to help their clients and increase the market share of their local business.

3T Consulting

Training and Support programs include:

  • New Client Programs for Company/Region/Office onsite onboarding to Reliance Network
  • Individual Onsite office group programs (per day, weekly or throughout the year)
  • Administrator/trainers and Broker/owner training onsite
  • Online conferencing, video training unique to client needs.
  • Individual office and agent services to increase traffic, generate more opportunities and cultivate online consumers.

“The programs that are now available to Reliance Network clients have a proven record that span 14 years. Easy, fun and clearly what brokers and agents want; hands-on and in-person”, said David Teefy, president of 3T CONSULTING. “I’m very proud and honored to be the only authorized and approved, dedicated training vendor on their nationally provided platform.”

For more information
Contact David Teefy at  | Call directly 404.313.0487 | Visit Facebook | Read more here!

About 3T Consulting:
3T delivers interactive, easy, fun and productive training and coaching programs thru the Reliance Network Platform. The company newly formed in 2016 provides knowledge that delivers 20 years of online experience and success thru its owner and founder David Teefy. “Teefy” as he is referred to was co-founder and co-creator of Comstock Net Services Inc. in 1994. The first online marketing/website systems for the real estate industry. In 2002 Teefy joined Reliance Network as product developer and trainer. Providing a unique and fresh perspective to increase their clients recruiting, retention, franchise sales and agent revenue streams using the product and tools. That experience combined with the real estate industry knowledge of 20 years has developed into a highly sought after training program specific to the Reliance Network client base.


Featured Partner of the Week: Mr. Internet and Our Online Dominance Mentoring Program

Michael J. Russer - CEO, RUSSER Communications, a.k.a. Mr. Internet

Featuring key industry speaker and BrokerTec Systems partner, Michael Russer (aka Mr. Internet), our Online Dominance Mentoring program trains and coaches our clients on the secrets to online success.

Through our specialized training and partnership with Mr. Internet, we teach you how to eliminate more than 98% of your competition and do more business than you ever thought possible simply by being the expert in one or more target markets. Online Dominance Mentoring is the only program in the industry that shows you how to do this.

BrokerTec Systems training will also include teaching you on how to speak the “language” of the online consumer. You will convert far more website visitors into closed transactions when you learn to speak their language. Only Online Dominance Mentoring provides you with the actual email scripts that work like magic as you navigate the sales process.

In addition, we will show you the benefits of establishing an eTEAM within your company. To do so requires leadership and the ability to think strategically, not just reactively. If you and your company fit this profile, we can help you quickly and easily set up your own elite eTEAM that will result in greater profits and superior competitive positioning.

For more information about the real estate training programs we offer at BrokerTec Systems, click here or call 877.231.3209.

Featured Partner of the Week: OnlineEd

Featured Partner: OnlineEd

As a valued partner of BrokerTec Systems, OnlineEd is an online vocational school offering training for a variety of careers. OnlineEd provides license training so real estate professionals can get a state-required license, continuing education to maintain their license, and certification and professional designation courses to improve their career in the real estate industry.

OnlineEd courses are delivered over the Internet directly through a real estate agent’s web browser and include expert instructor and author support.

To learn more about OnlineEd, one of our respected partners in real estate education, visit

In addition to our training and continuing education services through OnlineEd, at BrokerTec Systems we also offer additional training programs for everything from large events, rollout presentations, onsite training and professional training webinars to one-on-one product coaching and virtual assistance. Everything we do is geared towards helping today’s real estate professionals get the most out of their company’s real estate technology and custom agent web tools.

For more information about the real estate training programs we offer at BrokerTec Systems, click here or call 877.231.3209.