Technology and the Real Estate Industry

Technology has no doubt impacted many different aspects of our lives throughout the United States (and really the world). One sector greatly impacted by the growth and advancement of technology is real estate. With more and more buyers and investors beginning their search online, a tech-forward website and customer relationship management (CRM) software is a must for any company, office or agent looking to be a heavy hitter in today’s real estate business.

But why is keeping up with changing technologies important, and why is it important for the real estate industry?

It’s a matter of fact that we now live in a digital age. Paper resources have seen a strong decline in recent years, especially newspapers and magazines. In 2015 alone, “weekday [newspaper] circulation fell 7% and Sunday circulation fell 4%, both showing their greatest declines since 2010.” With print media resources steadily declining, more and more consumers are taking to the internet. As of 2012, 90 percent of home buyers searched online at some point during their home buying process (NAR 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers), and in 2016 79 percent of recent home buyers found online websites as the most useful resource in their property search (NAR 2016 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers). The real estate industry has been one of the biggest influenced by society’s shift to internet resources, and with the advent of better smart phones and tablets, more and more buyers and investors are using online resources to find the information they’re looking for.

As a real estate technology company, Reliance Network stresses the importance of keeping up with changing technologies. Not only for our own benefit (we are a technology company), but more importantly for the benefit of our clients. When companies don’t keep up with changing technologies, they risk a lot. Not only is there the risk of falling behind the competition, companies also risk becoming irrelevant in their field, missing out on new opportunities and ultimately falling into obscurity.

A major part of business is competition. If there was no competition in a market, there would be less incentive for a company to try to do better year-to-year. In the real estate industry, competition throughout the U.S. is fierce, especially in certain regional markets. With strong competition, a real estate company needs to be able to provide a product that is equal or better than that of the competition. The same can be said for a company’s technology, especially for those companies that rely on competitive and forward technology. Real estate companies need websites and CRM systems capable of handling heavy traffic, multiple user inquiries, multiple MLSs, and the site needs to provide a modern and intuitive user experience. If a company chooses to disregard the need for expanding and improving technology on a regular basis, it’s going to fall behind the competition.

Many of us have heard the phrase “the customer is always right.” While over time that phrase has been altered to make it seem like every customer is right, it was originally meant as a reminder to companies and business owners to market to the customer, not to the company’s own needs and wants. If buyers, sellers and investors are using the internet to search for properties and make inquiries, real estate companies need to fulfill that need by providing modern, fast and intuitive websites. If customers are using their smart phones and tablets for searches and inquiries (as of 2014, 50 percent of buyers used a mobile website or application in their home search) (NAR 2014 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers), real estate companies need websites that are not only tech-forward but also responsive and suited to desktop, mobile and tablet use. A company that ignores the needs and wants of its customers will ultimately become irrelevant in its field as said clients jump ship for another option. To stay relevant, a company needs to adapt and change, especially if its customers change.

Every business has a need for long term stability and growth, and that need is echoed in its technology. In the tech field, the risk of missing new opportunities is a huge impetus to offer new ideas or services to consumers, especially in real estate. Tech forward companies actively look for new applications they can offer to customers because they know what’s new today will become standard tomorrow. Ten years ago the idea of sharing property listings on social media platforms was unheard of because social media was relatively new. Now, applications like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more have become important parts of modern marketing because of the number of people using social media platforms every day. A company that chooses not to be tech forward is taking a huge risk in today’s market. Real estate is no different. Knowing that “78% of new home shoppers visit 3+ sites prior to taking action on a real estate site” (Google & Complete New Home Shopper Survey, 2012), it’s never been more important for a real estate company to invest in technology and offer its agents and customers a modern and forward thinking online experience if it expects to be successful and competitive in the ever changing and evolving U.S. real estate market.

Reliance Network Hires Experienced Real Estate Software Sales Executive

LAKE OSWEGO, OR – September 14, 2016 – Reliance Network, a software developer that builds and integrates business technology for the real estate industry, has hired Gwyneth Iredale to join their team of real estate technology experts.

As the new Business Development and Client Relations Manager, Iredale brings over 25 years experience in software, of which eight years were specific to real estate, with a foundation in account management, branding and marketing.

“It’s an exciting time for Reliance Network and I am honored to represent this forward-thinking software developer. The company continually innovates technology that allows clients to connect more easily and effectively with home buyers and sellers, especially millennials,” explained Iredale. “I am surrounded by a talented team that’s well versed in the intersection of technology, real estate and home owners’ expectations.”

Most recently, Iredale was an Account Manager for enterprise software products at Symantec and Veritas, selling to IT directors and C-level executives. “Being able to speak on the same level as IT directors and CTOs at top real estate companies will allow me to better communicate the business value we bring with our software-as-a-service platform. I draw from my experience in real estate marketing software an understanding of our customers and their need for a robust solution that handles multiple database feeds and constant data manipulation with incredible attention to detail.”

“Gwyneth brings a fresh perspective and focus on marketing and business development, and expands account management services as we grow our client base. This supports our mission to continually evolve, staying agile for tomorrow’s fast changing demands, and to outpace and outperform the competition, reflecting the priorities and real needs of our clients,” said Sean McRae, CEO of Reliance Network. “Gwyneth will help give us visibility and acquire new clients while maintaining Reliance Network’s commitment to outstanding service.”

The company has relaunched a suite of responsive website marketing solutions and tools designed for and used by top real estate brokerages, sales professionals and their clients. “The updates to the BrokerCloud platform include ‘Search3’ for a responsive home search experience on any device; ‘CRM3’, our cloud-based client relationship management system integrated with lead management; prospecting automation; and more, making this the industry’s most comprehensive solution,” adds McRae.

The Keyes Company Unveils Refreshed Website with Innovative Search Platform

Miami, FL (June 28, 2016) – The Keyes Company is pleased to introduce the updated, our new brokerage website boasting a brand-new, innovative search platform with a touch-centric, mobile-to-Ultra HD experience. The entire responsively-designed site was created in partnership with Reliance Network, one of the largest suppliers of real estate business and technology solutions.

“With over 80% of all buyers using the internet in their home search process (2015 National Association of Realtors® Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends), it is essential for us to provide a site that works for our consumers across all devices,” said Wendi Iglesias, Chief Information Officer for The Keyes Company. “We are committed to offering the best technology advancements in real estate to ensure we are providing the best online search experience for our visitors.”

Communication Devices

Within the new responsive design and search platform, consumers are able search by details important to their needs – including a specific neighborhood or school district boundary. They are able to take it a step further and define their desired location with our polygon tool. Furthermore, users have the ability to choose how they would like to view property search results, whether by map, photo gallery or a hybrid of both.

Additional features of allow consumers to view property information and market stats without leaving their property matches – streamlining their home search process and saving valuable time. Consumers can see property details in an overlay showing full listing information, spectacular images, inquiry submission, and ability to save a property they like as a Favorite in just ONE click and sign up to receive a dynamically generated market report with stats and trends on areas of interest.

About The Keyes Company:
The Keyes Company is a leader in the real estate industry. Independently owned and operated since, 1926, Keyes’ 35+ offices are distributed throughout six counties – Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, and Volusia – with 2,500+ talented and dedicated Associates. In addition to our vast network of local Associates and experts, the Keyes family also expands your reach with the best Associates around the globe thanks to our partnership with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®. For more information, visit

About Reliance Network:
Reliance Network, is the industry’s go-to source for competitive real estate marketing, website and productivity software development, and full service support – including real estate company and agent websites (Real Estate Web Site Solutions), contact and lead management (Real Estate CRM) and full service training, support and virtual assistance. With deep roots in large real estate brokerage operations, Reliance has a core understanding and proven track record of developing innovative products for the world’s leading real estate companies. The cooperative goal is to help modern real estate brokerages realize the added financial, competitive and operational benefits afforded by a reliable technology partner. Founded in October 2001, with its roots dating back to 1995, Reliance Network operates in over 700 MLS markets, serving more than 100 leading brokers, receives over 4.8 million unique site visits per month, and sends out over 27 million CRM emails per month from agents to consumers. Headquartered in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Reliance Network and Logical Position Announce Partnership for Real Estate Industry

Logical + Reliance

Reliance Network and Logical Position’s partnership will provide additional SEO, SEM, and marketing opportunities for Reliance Network clients; real estate brokerages, offices and agents nationwide.

PORTLAND, Ore. — As part of its strategy to provide cutting-edge products to clients, Reliance Network, one of the largest suppliers of real estate business and technology solutions, has announced a newly formed partnership with Logical Position, a leading digital marketing agency with numerous accolades including an Inc. 500 company award, Google Adwords Premier SMB Partner and Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner.

“Our strategic partnership with Logical Position will have a substantial impact on our clients’ websites, providing an invaluable addition to our commitment to deliver the industry’s best real estate website platform,” said Sean McRae, CEO of Reliance Network. “The caliber of Logical Position’s results for SEM conversions, PPC, and online lead generation tactics, combined with our current SEO offerings, provide a marketing strategy our clients have wanted. This joint venture allows us to further enhance the SEO architecture of our mobile responsive websites and Search3.”

Logical Position is partnering with Reliance Network to provide its clients with additional options, including:

  • Paid Search Management, also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay Per Click Management (PPC), is the process of bidding through an auction for position on major search engines using Google AdWords and Bing Ads to generate visits and leads quickly and effectively.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of creating on-page and off-page web content that bolsters the online presence of a website, increasing the authority of the website in order to rank higher organically (naturally) on major search engines without paying a per-click cost.

“We are actively working to expand upon the SEO capabilities of Reliance Network’s platform,” said Chris Vale, VP SEO & Chicago GM at Logical Position. “Our respective teams are joining forces to create a road map for substantial online impact, creating new digital marketing opportunities for real estate clients.”

About Reliance Network:
Reliance Network, is the industry’s go-to source for competitive real estate marketing, website and productivity software development, and full service support – including real estate company and agent websites (Real Estate Web Site Solutions), contact and lead management (Real Estate CRM) and full service training, support and virtual assistance. With deep roots in large real estate brokerage operations, Reliance has a core understanding and proven track record of developing innovative products for the world’s leading real estate companies. The cooperative goal is to help modern real estate brokerages realize the added financial, competitive and operational benefits afforded by a reliable technology partner. Founded in October 2001, with its roots dating back to 1995, Reliance Network operates in over 700 MLS markets, serving more than 100 leading brokers, receives over 4.8 million unique site visits per month, and sends out over 27 million CRM emails per month from agents to consumers. Headquartered in Lake Oswego, Ore.

For more information, visit

About Logical Position:
Logical Position (LP) is a digital marketing agency with over 100 full-time employees offering pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, search engine optimization and website design to more than 2,000 clients. LP has won consistent accolades as an Inc. 500 company, a Google Premier SMB Partner, a Bing Elite SMB Partner, a Fastest Growing Company (Portland Business Journal), a Top Workplace (The Oregonian), and a 100 Best Company (Oregon Business). Founded in 2010, the firm experienced 4,429 percent revenue growth from 2010 to 2015 despite recession challenges during the company’s launch. Headquartered in Lake Oswego, Ore., LP runs additional offices in Las Vegas and Chicago.

For more information, please visit and

Reliance Network and 3T CONSULTING Announce Partnership

Reliance Network selects 3T CONSULTING as the only approved and dedicated training system for their national platform.

Portland, Ore. – April, 2016 – Reliance Network, in working with its newly formed partner 3T CONSULTING, has announced a joint training program designed specifically for Reliance Network clients.

“With upcoming enhancements and new products being introduced, we knew it was time to increase our support and training reach to and for our clients” said Sean McRae, CEO. “Partnering with David Teefy and his company 3T CONSULTING is a perfect fit. Reliance Network has worked with “Teefy” since 2002 as an employee, client, and now partner. His in-depth knowledge of the Reliance Network products and system is a unique opportunity for us and our clients to benefit through his powerful and unique training and coaching programs.”

April marks the roll out of new training products for Reliance Network clients. 3T CONSULTING will offer the following powerful programs to benefit the knowledge, use and understanding of the Reliance Network platform, to help their clients and increase the market share of their local business.

3T Consulting

Training and Support programs include:

  • New Client Programs for Company/Region/Office onsite onboarding to Reliance Network
  • Individual Onsite office group programs (per day, weekly or throughout the year)
  • Administrator/trainers and Broker/owner training onsite
  • Online conferencing, video training unique to client needs.
  • Individual office and agent services to increase traffic, generate more opportunities and cultivate online consumers.

“The programs that are now available to Reliance Network clients have a proven record that span 14 years. Easy, fun and clearly what brokers and agents want; hands-on and in-person”, said David Teefy, president of 3T CONSULTING. “I’m very proud and honored to be the only authorized and approved, dedicated training vendor on their nationally provided platform.”

For more information
Contact David Teefy at  | Call directly 404.313.0487 | Visit Facebook | Read more here!

About 3T Consulting:
3T delivers interactive, easy, fun and productive training and coaching programs thru the Reliance Network Platform. The company newly formed in 2016 provides knowledge that delivers 20 years of online experience and success thru its owner and founder David Teefy. “Teefy” as he is referred to was co-founder and co-creator of Comstock Net Services Inc. in 1994. The first online marketing/website systems for the real estate industry. In 2002 Teefy joined Reliance Network as product developer and trainer. Providing a unique and fresh perspective to increase their clients recruiting, retention, franchise sales and agent revenue streams using the product and tools. That experience combined with the real estate industry knowledge of 20 years has developed into a highly sought after training program specific to the Reliance Network client base.


Leading Nebraska Real Estate Companies Home Real Estate & Woods Bros Realty Launch New Websites

HomeRealEstate  Woods Bros RE

Home Real Estate and Woods Bros Realty, both headquartered in Lincoln and owned by HomeServices of America, have debuted new websites with new features.

The companies partnered with Reliance Network to develop the websites.

Reliance specializes in technology for the real estate industry and recently released a new real estate search that caters to the ever-growing percentage of mobile users. will be the first websites to launch this new search.

The new websites have a home value tool allowing people to enter an address and get three different computer-modeled valuations of their homes, including the Zillow Zestimate value. They also have the ability to enter adjustments for renovations and upgrades or contact a local real estate agent for a more accurate estimate.

The companies also partnered with LiveBy, a Lincoln-based startup, to introduce a beta tool to help match people with their ideal neighborhoods.

LiveBy won the JumpStart Challenge issued by Home and Woods Bros in 2015 and also took part in the NMotion Accelerator program in 2015. It will be expanding the beta test into several markets across the country.

The sites launched the first week of April. You can view them at or



What Is My Home Worth? Free Home Value Report.

What Is My Home Worth? Free Home Value Report.

Click here to read the original article.

Reliance Network – Custom Websites

Always custom-built, we will work in collaboration to ensure that your online brand and competitive market needs deliver an innovative, destination experience. When coupled with our exclusive platform of Agent and Specialty/Niche Websites, our clients often realize a 50% or greater increase in overall web traffic.

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Prepping Your Home for a Vacation

Prepping Your Home For a Vacation

Vacations are a time to relax and escape from regular life. When you’re miles from home, the last thing you want to worry about is the safety of your home. If you plan on taking a vacation this summer (or any time this year), here are some simple tips on prepping your home for a vacation.

Stop Your Newspaper and Mail Mail
One sure sign of being absent from your home is a pile of newspapers in the driveway. Contact your newspaper delivery person and stop service while you’re gone. If you don’t have a locked mailbox, contact the post office and have them hold your mail. You can also ask a trusted neighbor to collect mail, newspapers and deliveries and have him/her hold them for you until you’re back.

Park Your Car in the Garage
The last thing you want is to get home from a vacation and have your car gone. If you can, park your car inside the garage, or have a family member park it at his/her house. You can also ask a neighbor to park their car in your driveway, making it look like someone is leaving each morning.

Put a Light on a Timer
A dark house stands out in a neighborhood, especially when all the other homes are lit up. Before you leave, buy a timer and install it on a lamp in your home. It’s also a good idea to install a motion-activated sensor on an outdoor floodlight that will be triggered should someone walk by it. You can also ask a neighbor to turn on the front porch light in the evening.

Mow Your LawnMow your Lawn
Grass can grow pretty fast in two or three days. If you have a lawn, make sure it’s trimmed before you embark on your trip. If you’re going to be gone longer than a week, ask a family member or neighbor to cut the grass in the front yard while you’re away.

Some of these items are easily overlooked, but could cause major issues when you’re away:

Unplug Small Appliances and Electronics
Small appliances and electronics can be energy vampires when plugged in, and some are still active even when they look like they’re turned off. Before you leave, unplug those items that won’t be used while you’re gone (coffee makers, toasters, espresso machines, etc.). It’s also a good time to make sure all smoke detectors work properly throughout your home.

Turn Down the ThermostatAdjust your Thermostat
Your thermostat makes sure your home maintains a specific temperature throughout the day. Before you leave, set the thermostat to a lower temperature if the house is going to be empty. This will help conserve energy while you’re gone. If you do turn down the thermostat, be sure to keep your home at a temperature that will still protect plants, pets and furniture.

Put the Water Heater in Vacation Mode
Traditional water heaters heat water throughout the day, even when you’re not using water. Before you head out on a vacation, put the heater in vacation mode. Check to see if your water heater has a VAC setting — which is for vacations. If it doesn’t, you can turn down the thermostat to the lowest setting. But don’t stop at the water heater: turn off water valves to the dishwasher, washing machine and any sinks. The last thing you want to come home to is a flood in your house because a pipe broke or a hose burst.

Tidy upTidy Up the Kitchen
Before you leave it’s always a good idea to clean out the fridge and dispose of anything that will go bad while you’re gone. The sink can harbor things that cause bad smells — run a half cup of vinegar and some water through the garbage disposal to alleviate any potential buildups, and make sure to take out any trash and recycling so you don’t come home to a smelly house. If you have a trusted neighbor, ask them to put your garbage, recycling or yard debris bins out on pickup day.

Leave Emergency Contact Info with Neighbors
You may tell your family that you’re heading out, but you should also let a neighbor know. Neighbors live near you and can be your first point of contact should something happen to your home while you’re away. Let a trusted neighbor know you’re going to be out of town — provide them with information on where you’re going, how long you’ll be gone, and contact information for yourself and for family members in case of an emergency.

Alternative Energy and Your Home

Alternative Energy and Your HomeWe all appreciate electricity — each one of us uses it in some capacity every day. Heating and cooling our homes is one of our top priorities, not only for our comfort but also for our safety. In recent years more and more information about alternative and green energies has become available to consumers. Green or alternative energy is energy that is produced from renewable resources: wind, water, or sunlight. Here are some of the most-readily available options for alternative energy systems offered to home buyers right now:

Solar PowerSolar Power
Solar power is “the power obtained by harnessing the energy of the sun’s rays.” This is done through solar panels and photo voltaic cells on the panels, which convert the sunlight into usable energy. Solar power is the most common and popular option for homeowners looking to take the first step toward alternative energy. Solar uses the power of the sun, so this option is best for homes or properties located in areas where sunlight is strong year-round. There are three types of solar panel systems: On-Grid Battery Systems, which are connected to the grid but also contain batteries that can store excess energy; On-Grid Systems without batteries – these are more simple and easier to install, but if the power goes out in the area the system will shut off; and Off-Grid Systems, which are not tied to the electricity grid and generate all their power independently.

At the current moment, solar power accounts for three-tenths of one percent of the total energy consumed in the U.S. ( For those who live in year-round sunny climates – California, Arizona, Hawaii, etc. – a solar panel system can pay for itself in as little as three years (

Wind Power
Wind PowerAnother popular alternative energy option that has been seen throughout the U.S. is wind power. Wind power is the “power obtained by harnessing the energy of the wind.” Modern wind power uses wind turbines to harness wind’s kinetic energy, which is then turned into electricity. There are different types of wind power: Utility-scale, which are the large wind turbines seen on the side of hills– these are larger than 100 kilowatts and deliver electricity directly to the power grid; Distributed, which are smaller turbines, 100 kilowatts or less, and these deliver electricity directly to a home or small business. There are also offshore wind turbines, but these are mostly found outside the U.S. At the current moment, the U.S. receives about 4.1 percent of its electricity from wind power (

Wind power is an excellent option for those who live in areas where there is a good source of wind all year long. Initially, wind power systems can be expensive, and the turbine prices vary depending on the type, manufacturer and the area you live in. Many people look to the advantages of wind power over the initial investment – utility bills are cut and the homeowner has control of knowing how his/her energy is generated, and there are generally federal tax credits available to those who buy a wind power system.

Geothermal PowerGeothermal Power
Geothermal power is “the heat from the Earth.” Geothermal power takes advantage of the earth’s natural heat. Geothermal energy is harnessed in two ways: tapping extremely hot temperatures via steam at great depths, or the use of moderate temperatures at shallow depths ( In almost all parts of the U.S., the shallow ground (upper 10 feet of the Earth’s surface) maintains a nearly constant temperature of 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. To use this naturally occurring heat, consumers can install a geothermal heat pump. The pump utilizes air or antifreeze liquid in pipes. The liquid or air is pumped through the pipes, which are buried underground, and comes back into the building. In summer, when the temperatures are hotter above ground, the liquid or air moves heat from the building into the ground; in the winter, when temperatures are colder, the pipes pump pre-warmed air or liquid into the building. Geothermal power is also a renewable energy that can supply continuous power (

Geothermal systems can be expensive to set up, with estimates into the low $40,000s. There are tax credits available, which can cover 30% of the total cost of a new geothermal system. Geothermal systems last about 20 years before needing new parts, and over the course of a 20 year lifespan, these systems can save homeowners upwards of $60,000 in electricity costs (

The U.S. relies heavily upon fossil fuels for its energy sources. Currently, 82 percent of U.S. energy demand is met by fossil fuels (coal, petroleum (oil) and natural gas) while the other 18 percent is met by renewable energy and nuclear energy ( Electricity is a vital part of the U.S. economy, and it helps a household run every day. Homeowners have options in every facet of their lives, and energy is no different. Fossil fuels are a finite resource – exploring other options available to homeowners not only opens up access to other technologies and ideas, but it also helps the Earth. Alternative energy also presents more reliable and efficient energy sources. When a homeowner or consumer gets more reliance and efficient energy, more money is saved in the long run, making for a happy, safe and sustainable home.

Reliance Network – Goals & Solutions for Your Business


At Reliance Network it is our goal to help real estate brokerages and professionals realize the added financial, competitive and operational benefits afforded by specialized technology integration.

Our Goals:

  • Partner with like-minded brokers to build real estate websites and co-develop the industry’s premier business solutions to benefit the brokerage, agent and client.
  • Offer a clear vision for the future – work with our partners and pool our resources to outpace and outperform the competition at every level. Our methods and products will compete head-to-head against prevailing trends for traditional, dotcom and discount brokers.
  • Collaborate – In the true spirit of partnership, we work together in product development. Pooled ideas and needs of our clients are combined with our own technical and grass roots real estate expertise to create a superior product that reflects the priorities and real needs of our clients.
  • Innovate leading Realtor products that integrate MLS Technology. This is what we do, and we do it well.
  • Maximize your Return on Investment. Our business solutions are designed with three driving considerations in mind — 1. Recruiting, 2. Retention and 3. Production.

Learn more about our business and technology solutions: View our informational brochure.


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