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At BrokerTec Systems, we believe that our top-quality service and innovative real estate technology speaks for itself. In turn, we have a portfolio of client success stories to back up our excellent reputation and further underline our commitment to remaining on the cutting edge when it comes to providing Realtors, brokerages and mortgage professionals with the latest and greatest in website solutions.

Check out what some of our happy customers are saying about the websites for Realtors and custom mortgage technology we have offer professionals in today’s ever-changing industry.  Here is just a smattering of a few of our client testimonials:

Rob L., Broker/Multi-Million Dollar Producer:
“The technology tools offered to me by my company put me way ahead of other agents in my ability to service the client using the tools they expect me to be using. No other firm comes close to delivering these offerings.”

Mike H., Principal Broker/Multi-Million Dollar Producer
“The technology provided by my company and BrokerTec Systems allows me to stay in touch with my clients on a regular basis with information of real value that enhances my professionalism with my clients – all the while saving me time.”

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Featured Clients of the Week: Real Estate Brokerages Within the Prudential Real Estate Network

At BrokerTec Systems, we provide the technology and cutting-edge real estate web tools for a number of real estate brokerages within the Prudential Real Estate network.

From east coast to west coast, we help the following Prudential clients with their real estate technology needs:

If you are a Prudential affiliate who is not familiar with BrokerTec Systems, please email for more information about the real estate web development services we can offer your company.

To learn more about the services we offer companies like Prudential, call 877.231.3209 or click here.

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At BrokerTec Systems, we offer a plethora of innovative web products and services designed to capitalize on the integration of distinctive real estate sales and lending products for mid- to large-size real estate companies and top real estate professionals across the country. Our mission is to help modern real estate brokerages and Realtors realize the added financial, competitive and operational benefits afforded by specialized technology integration.

Today, we offer one of the most successful and comprehensive real estate technology product lines in the U.S.

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Featured Partner of the Week: Mr. Internet and Our Online Dominance Mentoring Program

Michael J. Russer - CEO, RUSSER Communications, a.k.a. Mr. Internet

Featuring key industry speaker and BrokerTec Systems partner, Michael Russer (aka Mr. Internet), our Online Dominance Mentoring program trains and coaches our clients on the secrets to online success.

Through our specialized training and partnership with Mr. Internet, we teach you how to eliminate more than 98% of your competition and do more business than you ever thought possible simply by being the expert in one or more target markets. Online Dominance Mentoring is the only program in the industry that shows you how to do this.

BrokerTec Systems training will also include teaching you on how to speak the “language” of the online consumer. You will convert far more website visitors into closed transactions when you learn to speak their language. Only Online Dominance Mentoring provides you with the actual email scripts that work like magic as you navigate the sales process.

In addition, we will show you the benefits of establishing an eTEAM within your company. To do so requires leadership and the ability to think strategically, not just reactively. If you and your company fit this profile, we can help you quickly and easily set up your own elite eTEAM that will result in greater profits and superior competitive positioning.

For more information about the real estate training programs we offer at BrokerTec Systems, click here or call 877.231.3209.

Interested in Learning More About BrokerTec Real Estate Technology Solutions?

At BrokerTec Systems, we have assembled a highly prominent team of web developers, engineers, coders, designers and industry experts to produce real estate business solutions and technology that are simply unparalleled in today’s marketplace.

Did you know that you can schedule a virtual demonstration of most of our industry-leading real estate technology solutions simply by clicking your mouse? 

If you are interested in learning more about the real estate brokerage and Realtor-centric technology solutions available at BrokerTec Systems, please schedule a demo here. Once you answer a few questions about your company, we will contact you directly to schedule a demonstration of our vast array of services and products.

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Featured Product of the Week: ClientConnect™ Transaction Forms for Your Real Estate Business

Among the most advanced and innovative business systems we offer at BrokerTec Systems is our Client Connect™ suite of real estate technology products.

In addition to helping real estate professionals across the country realize how easy it is to turn prospects into leads, Client Connect™ also provides agents with integrated management of transactions, real estate forms and document storage. This system gives brokers the organization they need from beginning to end of each of their transactions.

  • Built-in access to ALL of your Real Estate Forms for better mobility and time savings
  • Quickly select needed Transaction Forms categorized by use: Listing/Sales Contracts, Addendums, Disclosures, MLS Forms, Internal Forms, etc.
  • Forms are fully integrated with your Contacts, MLS Data, Calendar, Tasks and in some areas County Tax data
  • Smart auto-fill offers 2-way data entry from the Transaction File Manager or Forms direct
  • Data automatically flows into all forms and parts of the transaction for considerable time savings

For more information about our suite of Client Connect™ products and other real estate technology tools, visit You may also call 877.231.3209 or schedule a demo today.

Featured Client of the Week: Columbia Mortgage

While BrokerTec Systems offers industry-leading products and website development services for top U.S. real estate brokerages, many forget that we also provide business solutions for mortgage companies across the country.

Columbia Mortgage is one such mortgage company.

Located in the Greater Portland, Oregon/Vancouver, Washington metropolitan area, Columbia Mortgage specializes in residential and commercial real estate loans. The company’s mission is to provide its clients with the information necessary to make an informed decision about which type of mortgage best suits their needs and how much they can afford to finance.

Columbia Mortgage maintains a mix of broad services of traditional and innovative mortgage products, from first-time buyer programs to jumbo loans.

Through its ongoing commitment to serve its customers, Columbia Mortgage has invested in state-of-the-art technology, equipment and software with which we at BrokerTec Systems have helped them. Columbia Mortgage has direct access to the nation’s leading wholesale lenders of mortgage loans, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. With this technology, customers can receive a bona fide pre-loan commitment within hours of application.

To learn more about Columbia Mortgage, visit For more details about the cutting-edge business solutions we offer both real estate brokerages and mortgage companies alike – in all corners of the country – call 877.231.3209 or click here to contact us.

Featured Product of the Week: BrokerCentral™ and AgentCentral™ Websites

Position your brokerage on the leading-edge of the industry with BrokerCentral™ Websites from BrokerTec Systems!

At BrokerTec Systems, we have the custom technology tools to position your brokerage on the cutting edge of today’s ever-changing real estate climate.         

Our full featured company websites are carefully designed to meet the needs and specifications required by contemporary real estate brokerages like yours.  BrokerCentral™ Websites are carefully integrated with our Business Intranet, Lead Manager and AgentCentral™ Websites for ease of management. We provide all the hardware and high-speed bandwidth from our Tier 1 data centers with 99.9% reliability. 

A sampling of benefits for our BrokerCentral™ Websites includes:

  • Comprehensive packages that include your Company and Agent websites
  • Turn-key, fully managed and supported
  • Feature-rich with industry-leading designs
  • Google Mapping MLS Search combined with Bing Virtual Earth
  • Company Intranet and Website Management Center
  • Centralized Lead Manager
  • 1 to 10GB BrokerTec Email accounts are available for the entire company
  • Drip marketing for customer service groups and recruiting efforts
  • Single platform to search all MLS’s
  • Website content management
  • Integrated help system, including interactive instructional movies to assist with agent training
  • Experienced agent helpdesk and professional training services included
  • Competitive volume pricing
  • Ongoing upgrades provided at no charge.

You can also raise the bar and give your agents the most powerful new website solutions in the industry. Learn more about BrokerTec Systems’ AgentCentral™ Websites by clicking here.

For more information about our suite of BrokerCentral™ Websites and other real estate technology tools, visit You may also call 877.231.3209 or schedule a demo today. Ask us about our special price incentives for our suite of broker and agent-centric websites!

Featured Client of the Week: HUFF Realty

At BrokerTec Systems, we serve some of the most prestigious real estate brokerages and mortgage companies in the country. Click here to learn more about our national coverage.

One such respected client is HUFF Realty, a real estate firm serving Northern Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati, Ohio and Southeastern Indiana.

Built on a foundation of family values, integrity and results, HUFF Realty is dedicated to the full-service approach to real estate. From the day Jim Huff opened the first HUFF office in 1975 these unwavering principles have remained the guiding force at HUFF Realty.

Offering real estate services for everything from home buying and home selling, to mortgage, title, insurance, warranty and relocation, the more than 700 real estate professionals at HUFF Realty provide first-class service from the initial meeting all the way through closing. HUFF Realty continues to seek new and innovative ways to serve its clients, realizing that the foundation of strong communities rests on its people.

HUFF is a member of HomeServices of America – the second largest home services provider in the United States. HomeServices, which is a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate, operates in 19 states under 20 residential real estate brand names.

For more information about HUFF Realty, please visit To learn more about the services we offer companies like HUFF Realty, call 877.231.3209 or click here to contact us. 

Featured Partner of the Week: Google

When it comes to custom real estate websites and business solutions, BrokerTec Systems offers some of the most powerful tools in the marketplace. Our industry-leading BrokerCentral™ and AgentCentral™ websites are ideal for both small and large real estate companies that are looking to grow their online business. These high-tech, full-featured websites are produced under a common framework, allowing us to launch new websites and enhancements rapidly.

Through our partnership with Google – one of the world’s most robust search engines – we are able to offer specialized Google mapping technology with our BrokerCentral product and each AgentCentral website we create. The Google Maps MLS Search we offer our brokerage and Realtor clients is fully integrated and agent-branded. Listings are just a couple of clicks away!

According to its website, Google’s mission is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. At, you can check stock quotes and sports scores, scan the latest news headlines or get directions to a new Happy Hour spot. You can even search photos, videos, maps and so much more!

At BrokerTec Systems, we believe that having Google as a partner further strengthens the real estate resources we provide and we are proud to leverage such a robust system.

To learn more about Google, visit

For more details about our agent and broker business solutions, including our Google Mapping technology, call 877.231.3209 or schedule a demonstration today. To see more of our featured partners, visit